In a live webinar, hosted by Gil Bashe, Chair of Global Health FINN Partners, Professors Nir Uriel of Columbia University and George Bakris of the University of Chicago discussed non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and its impact on hypertension care in the US.

The live webinar, hosted on November 17th, focused on some of the challenges facing caregivers in the US and how new technologies can help improve population health and morespecifically – how it can help get uncontrolled hypertensives back under control.

LiveMetric played a central role in the discussion and both professors Uriel and Bakris commented that the LiveMetric Band can indeed transform the care of hypertensives by providing physicians with a much more comprehensive and detailed picture on each patient’s blood pressure measurements, 24/7. “The discussion was enlightening” said Ms. Kelly Benning, LiveMetric’s VP Sales and Marketing, who also tool part in the discussion. “What became clear is that continuous, non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure can be instrumental in getting blood pressure under control and in early detection of various chronic CVD conditions.”

The webinar was recorded is available here.

About LiveMetric: LiveMetric is a leader in Digital Therapeutics. It is the creator of the LIveMetric Band, a wrist-worn wearable that measures blood pressure and other vitals 24/7 including during sleep. LiveMetric uses the data to help caregivers and physicians make early predictions, more accurate diagnosis and personalized care programs for patients suffering from Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease.

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