Your heart health now on your wrist


Cuff-free, wearable blood pressure monitoring technology, validated for accuracy. Providing physicians with decision support data on over 20 cardiovascular conditions.


Cuff-free, accurate, clinically-validated, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. Anywhere. Anytime.

*Currently, the LiveOne Band is not for individual sale and is offered to hospitals, payers, RPM providers, employers and similar entities. The LiveOne Band will be available at major retailers in late 2024.

LiveMetric receives FDA clearance for its watch-like wearable blood pressure monitoring technology
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1st place at the 2023 Optum Cup Competition

UCSF – Rising Star Employer Prevention & Wellness category, 2022

LiveMetric Wins the MedTech Execution Award 2022

LiveMetric Wins the 2021 HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) Challenge

2022 – Winner of the “Industries Hottest Companies MedTech Innovator 2022 Accelerator”

LiveMetric is a Finalist at the UCSF Health Awards 2021

2020 – UCSF Quarterfinalist Award for “Remote Diagnostics”

A recent article in the American Journal of Hypertension cites LiveOne measurements to be as accurate as A-line measurements; asseses it may offer advantages over currently available Blood Pressure Monitor. Read the full article

Leading Professors: LiveMetric is Transforming Remote Patient Monitoring

Professors George Bakris and Nir Uriel, of the University of Chicago and Columbia University, respectively, discuss with Gil Bashe, Chair of Global Health FINN Partners, why continuous non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring can revolutionize the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Chicago nurses describe how the LiveMetric Band is changing patient monitoring

Professor George Bakris on the importance of Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

“LiveMetric’s technology is transformational within the realm of cardiovascular diseases” says Professor Nir Uriel

Director of Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation at New York-Presbyterian,Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and at Cornell University. Listen to a live excerpt from a recent event

Bill Taranto, President, Merck Global Innovation Fund and Kelly Benning, Vice President, Sales and Marketing discuss How LiveMetric tech is making an impact on access to healthcare

Why LiveMetric is better than the Cuff

Professor Bakris discuss the advantages of the LiveMetric Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor over the traditional, 120-year old cuff

Solve.Care X LiveMetric: Meaningful Remote Patient Monitoring

Solve.Care just recently announced an exciting partnership with LiveMetric that will combine advanced remote patient blood pressure monitoring and blockchain for secure data sharing through the Care.Platform.

News, Press Releases and Events

LiveMetric is a Winner of the HITLAB

LiveMetric is a Winner of the HITLAB

Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) challenge. Live Metric is pleased to announce that it has won HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) challenge. The BTA is a digital health consortium which was created to accelerate a greater number of innovations to improve health outcomes...

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LiveMetric is a Finalist at the UCSF Health Awards

LiveMetric is a Finalist at the UCSF Health Awards

Company recognized for leading solutions that help customers make healthcare more integrated, data-driven, and cost-effective Today LiveMetric, the leader in digital therapeutics, has announced that it has been selected as finalist of the 2021 UCSF Health Awards in...

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Learning Center

Join the LiveMetric Learning Channel to learn how easy and simple it is to just put on a band and get 24/7 blood pressure readings.

Digital Health

Precedence Research predicts that the Digital Health Market Size to Garner Around US$ 551.1 Bn by 2027

Debunking Common Remote Patient Monitoring Myths. As Healthcare providers, physicians and payers are embracing remote patient monitoring, they continue to face  prominent myths about the technology and its benefits…

Can Digital Health Play a Key Role in Managing Chronic Disease?

A recent article in Forbes takes a closer look at how we can improve the care and management of chronic diseases such as CVD.

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